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A Case for Maintenance: Imagine coming home one afternoon, opening your door and being met by 90 degree air inside. No one would want to enter such a place, not to mention actually try to eat or sleep in it. This is why a strong preventative maintenance program isn't really an option, it's a must.

"A properly functioning HVAC system is crucial to keeping a home hospitable, and the better it's maintained, the more likely you're going to get the appropriate life from the equipment." says Anthony Shaker, vice president of operations and maintenance at UNICCO*, Newton MA.

Integrity Heating and Cooling is excited about the release of its new maintenance program offering, which includes three different maintenance levels, each designed with different benefits which will improve the safety, reliability, and overall life of the system.


The Bronze Maintenance offering is the entry level program that focuses on reliability and includes benefits such as 24 hr priority service, never any overtime charges, a 10% discount on equipment repairs, and a convenient monthly payment option.

The Silver Maintenance offering provides the same benefits as the Bronze, with same day priority status, 2yrs warranty for repairs performed by one of our service professionals, and a $50 credit towards replacement equipment for each year, (up to $500), a client has their equipment under the maintenance program. This program also includes additional features such as an external wash and wax of the condensing unit, and thermostat batteries when they need to be replaced.

The Gold Maintenance offering is total peace of mind - knowing that the equipment is operating with the highest efficiency, greatest reliability, while ensuring its safety to your family. To ensure the maximum efficiency of the unit, any air leaks at the plenum are sealed at no charge, and condensate units are washed inside out with a chemical wash as needed. 3yrs warranty for repairs performed by one of our service professionals, $100 credit towards replacement equipment for each year, (up to $500), a client has their equipment under the maintenance program.

We don't assume that "one size fits all" for a maintenance program. Our new line of programs are designed to fit a customer's values and if you ask our Pros, they will gladly explain the value in each offering. The maintenance program at any of these levels is designed to use historical records to pick up on any emerging problem before it becomes a critical situation, and also to predict when to begin planning for the cost of system replacement.

While there are new maintenance options available, its important to recognize that even the most finely crafted preventative maintenance program is only as good as the people who bring it to life. At Integrity Heating and Cooling, we hire the best for the best.

* UNNICO UGL Services,The largest full-service, corporate real estate and facilities maintenance provider in North America, provide diversified, end-to-end real estate and facilities management solutions to corporations, governments and institutions in North America and around the world.

by Mark Lowe- Integrity Service Manager

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